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What is the most convenient airport to use to reach the Sanbe area?

Izumo Airport will be your choice in terms of proximity. If you plan to visit tour sites such as Itsukushimajinjya Shrine, a world heritage site, or the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima Airport is the recommended point of entry. Note that depending on which airport you use, the number of flights and prices vary significantly. In some cases, it will be more economical to use Hiroshima Airport or Yonago Airport than to use Izumo Airport depending on the season and the domestic route you choose.
Please visit the following websites for information.

>Travel Japan (JNTO)

Which type of public transportation is most suitable? Or is a rental car or taxi more convenient?

The public transportation system in the Sanbe area is not yet sufficiently developed although there is a JR line that runs along the coast. If you are planning to visit many places, use of a car is recommended.
By rental car or taxi, it takes slightly over one hour from Izumo Airport to the Sanbe area, and slightly over two hours from Hiroshima Airport and Yonago Airport. By train and bus, it will take slightly over three hours from Izumo Airport, four and a half hours from Yonago Airport, and approximately five hours from Hiroshima Airport.

How do I get to the Sanbe area from the airports?

Please refer to the below map.


Where can I rent a car?

There are rental car shops by airports and near key train stations.
You should reserve a rental car via a website shown below.

Tabirai japan


What types of drivers license do I need to reserve a rental car?

For a foreign guest to drive a car in Japan, you need to possess one of the following licenses.
Japanese drivers’ license
International drivers’ license prescribed by the Convention on Road Traffic (the Geneva Convention)
Drivers’ license of the following countries
* Countries that do not issue international drivers’ licenses and that are recognized as having a licensing system equivalent to that of Japan: Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, and Taiwan.
Note that a copy of a document created and translated into Japanese by a person categorized by cabinet order needs to accompany the original drivers’ license.
Person categorized by cabinet order
A person categorized by cabinet order as a creator and translator is defined as follows:
An agency or consulate of the particular country that is authorized to issue a drivers’ license of the country in question (a drivers’ license issuing authority, the embassy or consulate of the country in Japan, etc.)
A legal entity that is recognized by the National Public Safety Commission to have the capability to translate drivers’ licenses that allow driving of automobiles and other vehicles issued by the agency of the country in question into Japanese. (Japan Automobile Federation)

What accommodation facilities are available in the Sanbe area?

Please see the list on the following page.

Tourist spot

What are recommended lunches in the Sanbe area?

Please see the list on the following page.

>Tourist spot

Is Wi-Fi connection available anywhere in the Sanbe area?

It is marginally limited. Wi-Fi connection is not available particularly in mountain areas. Wi-Fi is available at most airports, Michino-eki, and convenience stores. It is also available at some accommodation facilities and restaurants.

Are there many toilets in the Sanbe area?

Most facilities in Japan have toilets that are free of charge to use (in certain cases, you need to ask a shop assistant before using). The trekking courses do not have many toilet facilities. If you are planning to visit the sites mentioned on the mountain guide page, be sure to use a toilet before you start hiking.

What equipment is required or suggested to use to go trekking in the Sanbe area?

Prepare a cowbell to keep wild boars and other wild animals away, and long sleeved clothes and long trousers to protect your arms and legs from insects. (You may encounter wild boars, monkeys, pit vipers, ticks, etc.) Bring rain gear with you because the weather changes often. Do not forget to bring drinks to prevent dehydration. Also, be sure to bring other necessary items such as insect repellent during summer and heavy clothes during winter to protect yourself against the cold. Take all possible measures and enjoy trekking.

How do I check the weather around the Sanbe area?

Check the websites of the Weather Bureau or the Japan Tourism Agency. Please refer to the below URLs.

Weather Bureau

Japan National Tourism Organization