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Magnificent Ginkgo Tree at Jozenji Temple

Mt. Oyorogi

This mountain is popular due to its beechwood forest that is home to many plants

At the top of Mt. Oyorogi (elevation 1,214 m), there is a primary forest of beech trees that are . . . [read more]

Breakfast in the Sky

Try this special breakfast at the top of the mountain while watching the sun rise

In the darkness one hour before sun rise, you can take the specially scheduled lift for . . . [read more]

Sanbe Soba

Sanbe soba is an exquisite local specialty cultivated by the nature of Mt. Sanbe.

Sanbe soba, a specialty of the Sanbe area, is produced from the rich natural resources of  . . . [read more]

around Mt.Sanbe

Video of the Season